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Sports Medicine

It doesn’t matter what sporting activity you're involved with, the feet need to be functioning at their best. Aggressive lateral sports such as squash, tennis, soccer and badminton can be very hard on the feet knees and hips. Before getting involved in these sports it may be a good idea to have a foot specialist do a full biomechanical examination to eliminate the possibility of injury.

  • Do wear socks made of synthetic fibres that wick moisture away from your skin to help prevent blisters and athlete's foot.
  • Do fit your running shoes or other sports shoes with the type of sock you intend to wear them with.
  • Don't wear sandals when playing sports.
  • Don't go barefoot outside, cuts and bee stings are not fun on your feet.
  • Do wear sport-specific running shoes. Running shoes do not have the lateral support needed for tennis. Help yourself avoid ankle sprains and other injuries.
  • Do wear protective shoes or sandals at pools and in locker room showers. This will help you avoid warts and athlete's foot.
  • Do replace your running shoes often, at least every 350 – 450 miles run.
  • Do break in new sport shoes before racing or using them for a long run or workout.
  • Do use sunscreen to prevent solar injury to your skin

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